We are one of the only places in the UK to offer Ziesel but this is a very grown
up bit of kit and as such, you need to get in touch for a Ziesel Experience

The Ziesel is all electric but don’t be fooled into thinking it’s a nice gentle machine. The Ziesel thunders along at up to 22mph and is all controlled by a single joystick. It has 4 speed settings and goes over all terrains with rock solid performance. This piece of kit is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Our Managing Director wanted to see it for himself and drove all the way to Austria in a transit van. So the purpose of the visit was to test it for performance and suitability for the UK and to meet the developers and owners. Soon after arriving in a snow covered Austria, he drove it over obstacles and flat out in the testing area.

Then the deal was done and it was loaded up the ramps and secured inside the transit van ready for the long drive home.

So why did he go to such lengths? You should come and try it for yourself and the smile across your face will say it all.

Imagine being sat in a comfortable armchair that suddenly takes off at speed. It is a thrilling, exciting ride.

Fun, fast and a very different. 

Please direct any enquiries for the Ziesel by email to: sales@activitiesattheheart.co.uk


Frequently asked questions

  • Over 18's only
  • Anyone under the influence of either alcohol or drugs will be turned away and unable to take part in any activity
  • We can accommodate some mobility issues but you must let us know before booking
  • Yes you can bring family and friends to watch
  • All safety equipment is provided